"Deus Ex Machina Poster"
©Kenn Brown

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MEDIUM: Offset printed poster, signed
VALUE: $300.00
OPENING BID: $100.00
SIZE: 36" x 24"

ARTIST'S NOTE: This piece was the cover illustration for the December 2002 issue of Wired magazine and was printed for national distribution as a limited edition poster advertising the contraversial issue.

ABOUT THE ARTIST: Kenn Brown has been illustrating on Macintosh and PC platforms for a little over 13 years. He spent four years studying illustration and design at the Ontario College of Art and Design in his native Toronto before moving on to Vancouver, British Columbia, where he now lives with his partner Chris, their 2 cats and a dog called Lucky. Ken is kept busy running Mondolithic studios and creating cover and feature article artwork for Scientific American, Wired, New Scientist, Vogue, and Focus — among others. He has been published in no less than 15 international magazines including Russia, Germany, Italy, England, Spain, Netherlands, Sweden, Korea, Australia, Japan, Canada, and the United States. Ken's work was featured in the January 2002 and the April 2003 issues of TheScreamOnline.

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