"Never Leave Me"
©Adriana de Barros

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MEDIUM: Acrylic painting on canvasboard
VALUE: $600.00
OPENING BID: $150.00
SIZE: Approx. 19.5" x 23.5"

ARTIST'S NOTE: The painting is about true love, finding a soul mate. A person you know will be there through the good and hard times, for the long run of life. In today's society everything is in fast motion: meeting people, dating/marrying, buying a house, buying new clothing and items... and within all this, people get tired quickly of everything they are consumed in. Divorce is so common; it has changed the way we look at the word "forever." But still, people strive to not be alone and find someone special in their lives. We still know what we like and what we don't, and maybe a "Prince" or "Princess" is still out there, like in fairy tales — waiting for the day they cross our unexpected path — to happiness. This painting is a reflection about finding your other half. 

ABOUT THE ARTIST: Adriana de Barros presently works as an advertising designer in Portugal; she is a co-owner of a family business, a clothing company called Silver Coast and Baby Pins, and a Copy Center with a Design section. In 1999, she turned to web design and programming in the ever-growing World Wide Web. Since then, she has found her place online in combining various art forms into each project — by first launching a personal portfolio site with poetry and art at Breathewords.com, and two years later, launching e-zine SCENE 360. "I've always been fascinated with different art forms, movements, and styles. Cinema, art, literature, poetry, and music are the things I truly enjoy. I try to explore new possibilities of creativity by expanding my artistic horizons. I could never imagine limiting myself to working in only one art style or form; that's why I'm constantly studying, improving my skills, and experimenting new techniques."

In addition to Scene 360, which she founded with a goal of providing an independent perspective on film and the arts, Adriana's writing — from journalism to fiction and poetry — has appeared in various international publications, including Of Moonlit Memories, An Hour at Sunrise, Turning Corners, The Best Poems & Poets of 2001 (books by the International Library of Poetry, 2000-2002), Poems that Go, Flashbang! and Flashbang 4 (published and showcased in events held in the US), Visual Arts Trends, Poptransit.com, TheScreamOnline, and Inertia Visual Culture 2001 (a book published by Dream Interactive and Webdawgprojects).