TheScreamOnline is proud to feature the works of 22 artists and photographers who have donated their work toward raising money for the ALS Therapy Development Foundation. All auction proceeds will go directly to the Foundation.

Click on "Auction Gallery" to view the art. Each piece is linked to ebay for bidding. The auction starts on October 8 and last for 10 days.

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease, is a fatal neurological disorder that causes muscle atrophy, paralysis, and respiratory failure. ALS has no prejudice — it occurs worldwide, with no age, ethnic, or economic boundaries.

• 30,000 Americans have ALS today.
• Up to 8,000 new cases are diagnosed in the U.S. each year.
• 90% of patients die within 5 years of diagnosis.
• There is no known treatment or cure.

ALS has stricken two people connected to TheScreamOnline. One is the brother of a dear photographer friend, who recently succumbed to the disease after a long struggle. The other is L.A. studio musician, composer, and writer Steve Fowler, whose poetry can be seen in the April 2002 issue of the magazine.

A few of the more recognizable names of people that suffered with ALS include Jim “Catfish” Hunter, Stephen Hawking, and, of course, Lou Gehrig. More recently Bruce Edwards, caddy for golf pro Tom Watson, also was diagnosed with ALS, along with former pro golfer Jeff Julian. Find out more about their efforts to slow, arrest, and cure ALS at

ALSTDF — The ALS Therapy Development Foundation

ALSTDF is a nonprofit biotechnology company in Cambridge, Massachusetts, dedicated to developing effective treatments for today’s ALS patients. It combines the passion and dedication of a nonprofit organization with the entrepreneurial and scientific spirit of a biotechnology company.

• Our laboratory, the leading drug discovery program for ALS, bridges a critical research gap.

• Our in-house expertise translates research into potential drug candidates by screening drugs in the SOD1 mouse model of ALS.

• Our scientific collaborations bring the most promising leads closer to FDA approval.

• We share emerging knowledge on the disease with patients, physicians, and researchers as quickly and comprehensively as possible.

• Every decision is made in the interest of finding effective treatments for people living with ALS.

• Our unique approach accelerates drug development for ALS.


James Heywood founded ALSTDF in 1999, four months after his brother Stephen was diagnosed with ALS at age 29. Frustrated by the lack of treatment options and determined to save his brother and all others living with ALS, he left his job at the Neurosciences Institute in California and, together with his family and friends, he founded the world’s first ALS-focused nonprofit biotechnology company from his parent’s basement in a Boston suburb.

Today, one man’s personal tragedy now provides hope for thousands of people suffering from ALS and points to new possibilities for fighting other neurological disorders.

ALSTDF now operates out of a high-tech research facility in Boston where a dedicated team of researchers and staff search each day for a treatment and cure on behalf of today’s ALS patients.

In the last four years, ALSTDF has:

• Raised more than $11 million to support work to slow, arrest, and cure ALS.
• Established the leading drug discovery program for ALS.
• Collected and evaluated a list of nearly 400 proposed treatments for ALS.
• Partnered with 28 pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to obtain and test potential treatments for ALS.
• Launched 9 collaborative research projects, working with leading academic researchers in other fields to focus efforts on ALS.
• Discovered two new drug targets in ALS that may open up new areas of drug research in ALS.

• Advanced two potentially promising treatments for ALS into the clinical investigation stage.

ALS Therapy Development Foundation
215 First Street, Cambridge, MA 02142 U.S.A.
Tel. 617.441.7248

For more information on ALSTDF and how you can help,
please visit

TheScreamOnline is extremely proud of each of the 22 artists and photographers for their generous donation toward raising money for ALS therapy development. At the same time, each high bidder in the auction will also be participating in this most worthy cause, and we thank you all.