"Bee" #16/125
©Mary N. Balcomb

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MEDIUM: Line etching printed from zinc plate, hand-colored, signed
VALUE: $120.00
SIZE: Plate area 2" x 2.25" (matte 14" x 11")

ARTIST'S NOTE: Nature — the ultimate designer! All beings created as special artistic works — unique in color, pattern, purpose — in everyway. Enjoy the nectar of life!

ABOUT THE ARTIST: Mary N. Balcomb is a painter, etcher, designer, and art writer, who lives in the Puget Sound area of Washington State. She graduated from the American Academy of Art, Chicago, and has a BFA cum laude in Art from the University of New Mexico and a Master of Fine Arts from the University of Washington, Seattle. She is a contributor to American Artist and Southwest Art magazines, and is author of Nicholai Fechin, Russian-American Artist; Wm. F. Reese, American Artist; Robin-Robin, A Journal, and Sergei Bongart, Russian-American Artist.

Exhibits include solo shows at the Kansas Wesleyan University; Frye Art Museum and Nordic Heritage Museum, Seattle; Olympic College Galleries and Sidney Art Museum Galleries, Kitsap County. Four of her etchings traveled to Prague for a 1992 cultural exchange exhibit, and her work was featured in American Artist, Feb. 1991.

Because of her love of drawing and her drawing abilities, the intaglio*, particularly line etching, carries a particular fascination and is her natural metier. She etches her own plates and does her own printing.

*"Below the surface," (in-táll-yo) one of the oldest art forms, dating to the incised images in Paleolithic caves.

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