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"Martin Luther King, Jr."
©Pam Smith

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MEDIUM: Dyed and painted fabric
(can be hand washed and ironed)
VALUE: $400.00
OPENING BID: $125.00
SIZE: 67" x 19"

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ARTIST'S NOTE: I came across a brand new piece of Kente Cloth which is hand woven in Africa by the Asante people of Ghana. The major part of the pattern is the "Se Wo Beka Me Ho Asem A Ma Me Wo Adwa Na Tena Ase" design which literally means "If you have something to say about me, let me first give you a stool to sit on." It represents and invitation to be truthfu and not tell lies.

Being an anthropologist and an artist, the piece made me think of Reverend King and his peacefulness, as well as his candor. I wanted to have him entering the piece and raising his hand in a gesture of welcome or farewell. It seemed to me that he has always been passing through and touching our lives, even after his death.  

ABOUT THE ARTIST: Pam has a Masters of Fine Arts from Goddard College in Vermont. Most of her work has been sold locally (as Kurt Vonnegut always encouraged artists and writers to do). Four of her pieces hang in a private collection in Denmark, a smattering in homes thoughout the U.S. and Canada, and one was buried with its owner. "Maybe art is all you really can take with you."

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