Glendale College • Glendale, Ca.
L 'Ecole des Beaux Arts • Paris, France.
Los Angeles City College • Los Angeles, Ca.
California Art Center College of Design • Pasadena, Ca.

43 years instructor of painting and drawing at
Art Center of Design, Pasadena, California

Board Member: Los Angeles Art Association 1973-78


2001 Karpeles Manuscript Museum • Santa Barbara, Ca.
1997 Chryssanthou • West Los Angeles, Ca.
1990 Irvine Valley College • Irvine, Ca.
1989 Nebera Gallery • Denver, Co.
1988 Irvine Valley College • Irvine, Ca.
1988 Nebera Gallery • Denver, Co.
1987 N.W. Ayer • Los Angeles, Ca.
1984 Dan Turk Gallery • Los Angeles, Ca.
1978 Moody Gallery • Pasadena, Ca.
1977 Northern Arizona University • Flagstaff, Az.
1976 Seventh Street Gallery • Los Angeles, Ca.
1975 Seventh Street Gallery • Los Angeles, Ca.
1974 Seventh Street Gallery • Los Angeles, Ca.
1970 Los Angeles Art Association • Los Angeles, Ca.
1964 Fullerton Art Association • Fullerton, Ca.
1962 Marymount College • Los Angeles, Ca.
1962 Orange County Art Association
1961 Micheal Thomas Gallery • Beverly Hills, Ca.
1960 Orange County Art Association


2002 "Transcending Images—Contemporary Art"
City of Lancaster Museum, California.
1990 "An Intimate Perspective"
Joanne Warfield/A.R.T. Gallery, Los Angeles, Ca.
1989 "Feitelson: Artist and Teacher"
Long Beach City College, Long Beach, Ca.
1986 "Educating Artists"
Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, Ca.
1981 "Oils and Gouache"
Los Angeles Art Association • Los Angeles, Ca.
1979 "Group Show" Los Angeles Art Association
1978 "Group Show" Los Angeles Art Association
1977 "Gallery Artists" Moody Gallery • Pasadena, Ca.
1976 "Romantic Painting" Los Angeles Art Association
1976 "Draughtsmanship" Los Angeles Art Association
1975 "Group Show" 7th Street Gallery • LA, Ca.
1975 "Formalism" 7th Street Gallery • LA, Ca.
1975 "Variations on a Theme" 7th Street Gallery • LA, Ca.
1974 "Drawing Show" 7th Street Gallery • LA, Ca.
1973 "Four Artists" Loyola University • LA, Ca.
1973 "Group Show" 7th Street Gallery • LA, Ca.
1962 "Group Show" Fullerton College• Fullerton, Ca.
1962 "Three Artists" Paeia Gallery • LA, Ca.
1960 "Arts of Southern California VIII: Drawing"
Long Beach Museum of Art, 2 traveling exhibitions.

1961 Eastern Circuit:
Chapman College • Orange, Ca.
Dallas Public Library • Dallas, Texas
Everhart Museum • Scranton, Pennsylvania
Wustum Museum of Fine Art • Racine, Wisconson,
Columbia Museum of Fine Art • Columbia, South Carolina,
Georgia Museum of Art • Athens, Georgia,
Columbus Museum of Arts and Crafts • Columbus, Georgia.

1961 Western Curcuit:
University of Redlands • Redlands, California.
Historical Society of Montana • Helena, Montana.
Art Center in La Jolla • La Jolla, California.
Art Bam • Salt Lake City, Utah.
Texas State College for Women • Denton, Texas.
University of Nebraska • Lincoln, Nebraska.

1962 Western Curcuit:
Eastern Illinois State College • Charleston, Illinois.
Maryville College • Maryville Tennessee.
De Pauw Student Union • Greencastle, Indiana.


The Los Aneles House by Tim Street Porter
by June Harwood
Carmean Master Draughtsman Series,
by Linda Jacobson (Bordon Publications)


Valley Magazine, May 1997
Vogue Italia, Sept., 1996
She Magazine, Sept., 1992
Metropolitan Homes, Nov., 1992
Los Angeles Times Magazine, 1989
American Artist, Sept., 1987
Art News, (republished in Lecia), 1974.


"Feitilson on Art" KNBC, 1961, guest on six programs.
"The Incredible Human Machine,"
National Geographic Society, 1975.
"Carmean," by Dick Broun (Indie filmmaker).


Black Sabbath/Warner Brothers,
Anaprox/Syntex Corporation.


Nick Brigante
Jon Davis
Lorser Feitelson
Jarrett Hedborg
Sidney Franklin
Steven Longstreet
Edward G. Robinson
Thomas Mood
Edith Vonnegut
Dan Wolf
Ray Roquant
Peggy Pierrepont
Fullerton City College
Oakland Museum
HRH Abdullah Bin Abdullah Al-Aziz
HRH Prince Turki Bin Nassir Abdulaziz al Saud

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"Harry Carmean knows authoritatively the methods of the great draughtsmen and the great 'painterly' painters. The old Masters, and a highly disciplined study of nature, have provided Carmean with an ability to define the human figure seldom equalled by anyone of his generation. In his paintings he has learned how to escape the dominion of nature: the transfigured reality is sustained by the internal logic of his imagination and sensibilities. His work is free from the iconoclastic furor, brutal bravado, and the usual truculence of youth. While his ingenious compositions are not rigidly pre-conceived, neither are they fortuitous exhibitions. The historical background-matrix of Carmean's art by-passes Cezanne and the Cubist: his prototypes are late Greco, Magnasco, Daumier, Bonnard, Vuillard, and Soutine. Reality is never abandoned; the absolute of material reality is compromised with lyricism. He transmutes a tangible, figurative world into a symphony of dynamic form-color-area pattern. Every stroke and juxtaposition of color nuance is charged with its own magic. Carmean represents to an extraordinary degree a vital current in contemporary art which formidably challenges the prevalent ascendance of non-figurative painting."

—LORSER FEITELSON (from CARMEAN by June Harwood)