DEBRA SCOLARI: "Nature's Veil"


Images fading in, fading out. A glimpse of another time, another space: a Russian Orthodox Church icon; a depression-era child gazing through a window; a beautiful, young Goddess, wide-eyed, curly hair cascading over her shoulders like a golden water fall.  Ancient techniques utilized in centuries past. Palette, brush strokes, digital and photographic art — all combined and supportive — connecting the past with the present, and projecting the present into the beyond.  Welcome to the world of artist Debra Scolari.

Debra Scolari’s varied and eclectic paintings and digital art images range from floral still lifes and religious icons to digital portraits and multi-layered visual journeys that are symbolic, ethereal, and dream-like in their imagery. Her paintings are an abstract manifestation of the idiomatic rhythms of nature expressed in modern forms. Rendered in her uniquely lyrical vision, each painting offers an excursion into an arcane, yet sensuous, world. Through combining her fine art painting with her digital imagery, Debra captures, deconstructs, reinterprets, and expresses the sublime dynamics and mystery of our natural world, which — in her vision — seems to pulsate within its own vibrant texture, revealing a progression of ever-changing enchantment.

Born into a musical family on the West Coast, Debra discovered her innate artistry as a child, attracted to the rhythms, movement, and collage of the passing world which have become the thematic foundation that is threaded throughout her life’s work. Many of her paintings and images are reflective of her initial artistic inspirations: memories of childhood outings observing nature’s dynamic patterns; the changing and varied colors of the seasons; the infinite variety of falling leaves settling on the ground; layers of old, chipped paint on the side of a barn; cracks in sidewalks and the ever changing cloud formations in the sky. Indeed, the recurring themes of discovery continue to influence her work today, and have progressed to a unique and highly regarded abstract imagery which is reflected with equally stunning effect, in both her paintings and digital work.

Debra’s digital art utilizes vintage photos and scans of found objects that are reborn to express a deeply composed narrative and sometimes elusive mystery of history long past.  Her prolific mixed-media work also includes printed imagery on canvas, photographic paper, wood panels, and an unlimited variety of other surfaces, all of which support her vision that change — like the ebb and flow of life — is always constant.  As such, Debra’s exciting progression continues to develop and emerge, and can be experienced in galleries, commercial spaces, and homes throughout the United States.

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