When I approach the conclusion of the year, the beginning of another, there are two things happening. For one, I’m tuning in, and turning out, and finishing the gatherings of the last year, in the space of the 12 months that is roughly the time space of the larger journals. Meanwhile, during this yearly stint, I will be experimenting with other smaller journals that might have a more directed and individual focus. Such as: one sentence — the entire book, front to back.

But in finishing one journal — the journal of the year, I’m sorting back and forth, through it. I might have a loose sense of chronological calibration, but in reality — it is only that, a gathering.

And really, that’s what the journals are. Gatherings — they are nestings of patternings and observations that come up and go, and are brought together, in those pages. Moreover, I might have a thought from one year that I pick up in another year, or I have an image that I’ve found in one year but don’t get to until the next. And finally, during the course of the year I will be adding to and creating more content on the pages. Might be one bold piece of writing, to begin, then an image, then a drawing, then more finer writing, later. So really, a journal is an overlay of ideas, that are randomly sorted during the course of 12 months.

I have imagery in my journal now for this year that I won’t get to for months, yet it’s already placed, out there, in the further pages. I’ll be thinking about it, what I think about it, what it means — and it is there, waiting....

— Tim Girvin, May 2005


Tim Girvin is recognized internationally as a designer, writer, illustrator, and calligrapher, and has spoken all over the world on issues affecting business communications, branding, corporate identity, and incorporating emotional and complete sensory content in all aspects of marketing.

His Seattle design firm (Girvin, Inc.) has earned an international reputation as one of the finest design firms on the West coast. Clients include Apple, Microsoft, IBM, Estée Lauder, Sprite, Nabisco, CBS, Bellagio Hotel, and United Way. His logos for films include Braveheart, The Matrix, Sleepy Hollow, The Firm, Glory, and Dances with Wolves. Visit his website at: www.girvin.com. For more of his writings, journals, and artwork visit www.tim.girvin.com.