Integrations is about an examination of wholeness — what makes something whole (or filling a hole, perhaps!). The cover is a swirling of symbolic gestures; it’s about the circle, the finishing stroke running through it, the knot stroke of the double 8 — each laying over the other, in transparency. Contentment — making content: wholeness. So for me, it’s about reflecting on the nature of the integer — the whole number, the filled and whirling space of experience. But any journal is about what comes — and your observations and contemplations of it. To create any kind of life collage — the melange of being — you’ve got to gather it up, assemble it, play with it. Then, perchance, you will come back to it, for further introspection. Or you might merely leave it — it’s done, you’ve wandered about the landscape of your experience and now you move onwards, to the next opening.