Four years in the making, Cover Girl Culture: Awakening the Media Generation is a feature-length documentary directed by former Elite International fashion model Nicole Clark. Cover Girl Culture explores how the worlds of fashion, modeling, advertising, and celebrity impact our teens and young women. An important issue addressed is the sexualization of young girls in the media/advertising. The film asks: Who sets today's standards for beauty and how are these standards affecting individuals and society? Who is responsible? Are there ways this can be changed? If so, who can/will change it? And more importantly, the film focuses on solutions.

Nicole gets in the face of the media and advertisers calling for responsible media for our youth. The film features shocking interviews with fashion editors from major NY magazines and intimate interviews with top agents, designers, models, advertisers, and many more.

São Paulo Fashion Week Organizers Raise Concern Over Too-Thin Models
Models changing backstage at São Paulo Fashion Week

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