Inanna — Sisters in Rhythm

Maine-based percussion ensemble Inanna was featured in the July 2002 issue of TheScreamOnline. As faithful readers have probably ascertained, we are big fans of percussion and percussion-based music. We featured Rocky Maffit’s beautiful collection of instruments from around the world in October 2002, and if you haven't already done so, be sure to read “Living in Rhythm,” the editorial in August 2001. The short version: no rhythm, no life.

And speaking of life, Inanna’s new album, Beyond Tradition, features nine new selections from their extensive repertoire. They are very active in the New England area, having performed and conducted workshops with many luminaries such as Babatunde Olatunji. As a group, Inanna members have studied percussion with Karamo Sabally of Gambia, West Africa; John McDowell of the Afro-jazz fusion group “Mamma Tongue”; Yaya Diallo, master drummer from Mali and the author of The Healing Drum; Layne Redmond, author of When the Drummers Were Women; and Famoudou Konaté.

Please visit their website for more information about their recordings and performances. Any group that embraces the ever-present pulse of life scores high in our book!

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