Soundtrack to Peter Sterios' yoga DVD "Gravity & Grace"

"From the beginning of this project, it was clear to me that those involved in putting together my first yoga DVD all shared one vision: to create from a space of inspiration. From the outset, the cinematography, choreography, editing, authoring, and finally with the composing of original music which you will find on this CD, every aspect reflected that commitment made by all the artists. Stuart Balcomb's music is the icing on an already amazing cake that brought all the pieces together seamlessly. This music is perfect for creating the 'acoustic space' for yoga, for massage, for meditation, and for any activity where music and sound can invoke the power to transform." –Peter Sterios, Yoga Instructor

Balcomb writes: "This is a new kind of yoga soundtrack. I took an approach entirely different from what has traditionally been done. After seeing the elegant footage, I knew I needed to 'sculpt' the music to enhance the movements instead of simply writing tunes that would merely function as background music. Peter and I spent two days meticulously spotting the footage to determine different changes in energy levels and movements for almost every frame of film. This is something normally done for a feature-length film, not yoga videos. It then took 5-1/2 weeks of solid composing, recording, and mixing to create three hours of music for the DVD."

Produced by, the Gravity & Grace soundtrack, containing over two-and-a-half hours of music, is now available as a double CD at Click to order the CD.


Lake Memories
Anahata - Part 1
Anahata - Part 2
Sonic Horizons
Temple Tempo
Windward Isles, Desert Sands

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Photos © Mikki Willis • CD art by Joanne Warfield

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