Lisbeth has been the ubiquitous voice of film and television for a decade. You have heard her, but may not have known it. This chanteuse is featured in over 100 films, commercials, and television shows — most are Hollywood's biggest hits, such as Avatar, Munich, Narnia, Shrek, Transformers, IronMan2, The Passion, Kingdom of Heaven, Gone Baby Gone. For many of these films Scott has also penned a song or two or written lyrics in some ancient language (Aramaic, Sanskrit, Armenian).

"Where" from Chronicles of Narnia

written by Lisbeth Scott and Harry Gregson-Williams

2011 will find her appearing as a character in HBO's hit series True Blood (season 4) and presenting the first part of a new musical in Los Angeles (check in with Lisbeth's Tour page for details)... and that's just the tip of the iceberg.

Scott writes: I wrote "We Learn" after a particularly enlightening moment in life... one of those that knocks you on your ass after you thought you knew everything about yourself. Ha ha ha....right! Sure you do — realized it is step by step. This is how we go through life... and always will until we turn into dust and air again.

"We Learn"


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Scott started her music company, Whistling Bird Music, five years ago with the hope of releasing her own CDs and merchandise that could somehow make the world a better place.  In addition to nine of her solo CDs and sheet music to some of her songs — including "Take Me Home," written for Trueblood with composer Nathan Barr — she has t-shirts and calendars ready to go, featuring her dog Niff, the cutest dog on the planet. The proceeds go to The Amanda Foundation, finding homes for homeless dogs. A portion of sales from her most recent CD "Hope Is A Thing" goes to support Education Through Music, bringing music and lessons to at-risk inner-city youth.

Her site started initially as a way to fund the recording of the same name. It morphed into a gallery of photos about hope, some of which were included in the gorgeous video of the title song for the album (see Video Page).

Scott is now in the middle of creating the first Hope Is A Thing charity, "The Forgotten Dream Project." It is a small grant foundation for low income women for educational purposes and living expenses. The philosophy of the foundation is, if we all do a little bit, everyone will have a chance to heal and create a good life.

Being a singer was something Lisbeth Scott only dreamed about now and then as a child. Raised as a classical pianist headed for a concert career, practicing hours a day, she ran away to California as soon as she could and began to discover her voice. Someone heard her singing and playing piano for a modern dance class in the hills of Idyllwild and suggested her voice for a score by composer Hans Zimmer. That was all it took. 

Scott's uniquely moving and shiver-inducing voice has been heard in over a hundred films. James Horner's score to AVATAR features some bone-chilling vocal work from Scott. The adolescent thriller Transformers boasts a good deal of her work as well. John Williams wrote a five-minute solo specifically for her in the score for Spielberg's film "Munich." She was the featured vocalist and co-lyricist for the John Debney score to the film "The Passion of the Christ." She was the featured vocalist and songwriter for the Disney film "The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe" with score by Harry Gregson Williams, and appeared again on "Prince Caspian." And these are only a few. Scott has recently begun scoring films, something that felt like a natural progression. She had the honor of working with Jeff Philips on "urFRENZ" and Sam Balcomb on "The Damage Done" (see Video Page) as well as the HBO feature "Ithuteng."

While her film work gained momentum, Scott is busy honing her craft as an artist in her own right. She recorded and produced eight critically acclaimed CDs of her solo work, two of which were named Album of the Year by New Age Voice. She was the featured vocalist and co-writer for Paul Schwartz' RCA releases "State of Grace" (I and II) and "Earthbound," all of which spent more than 10 weeks on Billboard's Top Ten list. Scott has toured the world as both a solo artist and a featured vocalist for Paul Schwartz, John Debney, and Harry Gregson Williams, performing with a 100-piece symphony orchestra one night and accompanying her own singing on piano, guitar, harmonium, dulcimer, and calimba the next.

Early on, Scott made a decision to use her voice as an instrument of healing, no matter the context in which it appeared. This continues to be her main focus. Not only is Scott producing material as a solo artist now, she has recently collaborated with the Danish group Bliss and appears on several tracks of their EMI release of April 2010. Scott and Greg Ellis formed the duo called Biomusique which released their debut on Kosmic Music on May 13th, 2008, and won Best New Artist and Best Vocal Album in the New Age Reporter awards. 

She has recently written a five-minute piece for orchestra, piano, and choir for The Haitian Relief Project, joining forces with some of LA's top film composers (Hans Zimmer, John Debney, Chris Lennertz, George S. Clinton, and Nathan Barr, to name a few). Lennertz created this project a while back to funnel aid through the Arts to the needy in Haiti.  The CD will be released this year. 

Scott also recently collaborated with Hang player Masood Alikhan on an album of gorgeous music for yoga and healing, featuring voice and Hang, to be released on White Swan this year. She has also been featured on David Leon's Music for Healing project which is already in use by cancer patients around the world.

Lisbeth is also excited to be penning the score for yoga teacher Jo Tastula's gorgeous Fall 2011, 2-DVD yoga release. The music will be available on CD as well.

"May we see the beauty of the earth, the beauty of each other, and the beauty of ourselves."

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