ONE WORLD is committed to bringing to the fore the latest information and features on sustainable living; great design in all disciplines, from eco-architecture to technology (all "living" systems) and insights and knowledge garnered from those experienced, committed to, and working in those fields.

There will be interviews with forward thinkers, shamans, teachers, ecologists, and musicians; articles on vibrational and energy healing, sound and color healing, yoga, meditation, and related modalities of both the contemplative and the energetic action-forward world — all arts that will help transform and heal this amazing planet and her inhabitants.

Now is the time to see things from a renewed perspective of hope and inspiration, healing, and creation. We are our world and our planet is our home. Everyone can contribute to positive change and be part of creating a brighter future for our children, ourselves, our planet. When we consciously move forward together, change happens exponentially. Become a steward of this One World, our world... Now.

I am excited to share these "Worlds of Inspiration" with you and hope that you will discover a bright spot here where you can nourish your dreams and see how you are a part of this great and only One changing World.

—Joanne Warfield/Editor, ONE WORLD


DAVID HYKES — was the first Westerner to study and collaborate with the "throat-singing" traditions of Central Asia, as found in Tibet, Mongolia, and Tuva. He has collaborated with His Holiness the Dalai Lama and the Gyuto and Gyume Monks. His mentor, Lord Yehudi Menuhin, said "David Hykes has opened a new dimension in music; he has in fact, brought us the music of the spheres.” (You will hear excerpts in the feature.)

MICHAEL MEADE — Master storyteller, author, mythologist, and teacher of ritual and wisdom traditions. With song, drumming, and instinctive insight Michael has transformed the lives of youth and communities "at-risk," guiding them into a "bigger life" that the soul seeks.

DREW DELLINGER — "the total thrust is global justice..." Drew is a spoken-word poet, teacher, and activist who started Poets for Global Justice. He's a Cosmological poet who will thrill you with hip-hop, heart-centered, real-world rhymes in mythological time.

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From the seed of pure compassion, Planted in the field of human consciousness,
Grows the wish-fulfilling tree of the Openness of Being.

— from a 5th-century Buddhist tantric text by Naropa

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