Michael Meade

Michael Meade is a master storyteller and scholar of mythology. When it comes to bringing storytelling to bear on one of the most pressing difficulties — the disillusionment and violence to which our youth are prey — he is one of the most creative thinkers of our time. He is the founder of the MOSAIC MULTICULTURAL FOUNDATION, which is currently focused on youth at risk, "genius based" mentoring, and developing the "arts of community" in diverse organizations and groups. For over eleven years Michael has brought the arts of poetry and myth to gang youths, college students, artists, and into prisons and other settings. He is the author of Men and the Water of Life, and co-editor of The Rag and Bone Shop of the Heart, and Crossroads: Quest for Contemporary Rites of Passage.
—K. Lauren de Boer, Earthlight Magazine

Writings by Michael Meade:

The Dragon of WarA Eulogy for DeathThe Feet of Duende
Going on the Peace PathThe Silent Land is Our Homeland
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