“Boushkashi Fire Riders”
Wet paper negative scan, Olympus OM1 SLR,
Kodachrome 64 film, Polaroid Daylab II,
Polaroid 669 film, Photoshop 5.5.


Another journey out of the city had us stop and wait at the edge of town while a small civil strife was being settled. We could hear the gunshots ringing in the air, which we now know were fortelling a war that was soon to descend on the entire nation. As it quieted down, we made our way over a dangerous pass into a valley where a rich tailor, who was working with a New York clothing manufacturer, had his horse—and the Bouskashi rider he sponsored—ready to play a game (a sport of kings, so-to-speak). The big games are played in the city stadiums, as is American football. This was in an open field and very rustic. All the observers were men, except for a Swedish woman and me. Women always got stares. This moment I managed to capture with the horses was so amazing with the way their heads were exactly in the same position as the same time—one black and one white, truly magnificant animals willing to do anything for their masters.

Afghanistan Series

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