“Carpet Ride”
8x10 Image Transfer print, Olympus OM1 SLR,
Kodachrome 64 film,
Polaroid Daylab II,
Poloroid 669.


I was living with a French woman who set up an area of her big house for my studio. She was married to an Afghan diplomat and had two beautiful girls. She had a small business working with a tailor who was to manufacture my designs. One day we were invited to the tailor's house, which was a compound behind huge closed gates. When the gates opened there were 6 stunning Afghani women and several children there to greet us, completely decked out in their finest apparel. A tailor shows his wealth in how he dresses his women (wife, sisters, etc.) They graciously allowed me to take photographs, which was strictly forbidden in the street. It was an amazing opportunity that I treasure even more with today's oppressive dictators in charge of women's lives.

Afghanistan Series

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