“Filigree I ”
Polaroid Time-Zero Corrosion print.


When I first decided to try the Time-Zero film I discovered that I had an old Polaroid 600 camera which (with a minor adaptation) is the only camera other than the SX-70 able to use this film. The SX-70 is a real camera with real lenses, but since I do not (yet) have one I gave the 600 a try. I have to trick the camera by sliding in a piece of cardboard where the film goes. Then I insert the film and remove the cardboard, tape a neutral grey filter over the electronic eye, and shoot. I hadn’t used this camera for years, so the first time I wasn’t sure if it would even work. Nothing happened. I pressed on the shutter—nothing. Finally a piece of film shot out—taking a picture of nothing— so I began to draw on it. When I finally got to the point of cutting and corroding, these wonderful textures appeared.

Flowers & Abstracts Series

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