“Orchid Excitement ”

“Orchid Illusion”

“Orchid Illusion”

The Symbidium orchid became an ongoing subject to shoot this spring because of a fantastic show of continual blooms that started in February and lasted all the way into May. Each day was a treat as I checked to see the new tender green and orange blossoms that just came out, and watched the old ones as they slowly changed their tone and shape. A single branch with 20 blooms lasted for over two months—amazing!

These images were all created from the same slide, which I exposed onto Polaroid 669 film, using the Polaroid Daylab II slide printer. They are also from the same negative, but re-scanned at different stages of wetting and moving and removing the emulsion. “Jungle Orchid” has all of the emulsion on the negative; “Orchid Illusion” is still loaded with emulsion, but is very wet and moving; “Orchid Excitement” has all of the emulsion slid away from the image, framing it with an incredible fluid border.

Canon EOS A2, Fuji Povia, Polaroid 669 film, wet paper negative scan.


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