fter working with Persephone for almost a year, I wanted to delve into more Mythology—in particular the Greek and Roman Gods and Goddesses and their accompanying metaphoric possibilities. This time I decided to photograph marble statues of these dieties to use as further explorations of a new process I had just begun to develop using the wet negative. With this new series (starting in January 2001), I took my experiments in a new direction and began leaving the emulsion on the negative, then scanning several times using varying amounts of water. The method can be very messy but creates some amazing results, which I feel expresses the Mythological messages beautifully. With the wet negative I went deep into the primordial “goo” to extract the images—definitely stuff from the underworld. Perfect examples of this process, which I call “emulsion flow” or cliché-verre (painting on glass) are the images “Venus in Love” and “Apollo’s Glory”—you are actually seeing through the emulsion.

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