he Blue Beach and (Orange) Venice Beach series were shot for “Venice Visions,” an international competition held to raise funds for the nonprofit Venice Mecca organization which teaches art and photography to underprivileged children. The entries were to depict an image of Venice, California, that the world would recognize.

As many of you know, Venice Beach and the boardwalk are notorious for their colorful, circus-like activities and the people who frequent the place, along with the vendors and shops who offer their own brand of amusement. If you are lacking color in your life and have a taste for the bizarre, head for Venice on the weekend and you will get your fill for months to come. Living in Venice (not near the boardwalk, thank you) gives me an opportunity to provide instant entertainment for out-of-town guests, but my choice is to go there during the week when it quiets down to a roar (though most of the time I prefer my own lovely garden). Since I love to shoot subjects based on a given theme (I like to interpret), I decided to shoot Venice at different times of the day. I chose to cross-process the film since it skews the colors, and I felt it would enhance the already wacky image of this artistic town. The images of Venice in “Blue Beach” were shot at dusk, which further emphasized the blue cast to the film. I like the graphic quality that the bright backlighting of the beach provided against the lines of the people, trampoline, and trees. I used Kodak print (negative) film and processed it as E6. For the orange cast I used a Fuji consumer print film and did the same. I won third place with two pieces: “Neon Palms” and “Fresh Paint,” one from each color group.

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