Nye Alt Bebe Spain McLemore Hefta

TEA TIME: Images of Women, Images of Tea
20th Anniversary Exhibition

Women In Photography International (WIPI) hosted a worldwide competition for their 20th Anniversary Exhibition, titled "Tea Time: Images of Women, Images of Tea," and out of the hundreds of submitted works, 75 images were chosen representing 63 women, with three winners in the two categories:

"Images of Women":
Carol Anne Nye, first; Jane Fulton Alt, second; Shahla Bebe, third.
"Images of Tea":
Dar Spain, first; Julia K. McLemore, second; Adrien Meredith Hefta, third.

The Exhibition was held at the House of Photographic Art in San Juan Capistrano, California, October 10-November 15, 2001. The entire collection will then tour the world, and slides of each work will be permanently archived at Yale University.

A beautiful multimedia CD of the exhibit contains: images, biographical information, and resumes on each artist; a wonderful soundtrack; the introduction includes Linda McCartney's classic "T-Pot" photograph with text by WIPI President Jean Ferro; "Is Anatomy Destiny?—Notes from the Historical Record" by Peter Palmquist, Historian and Founder/Curator of the Women In Photography Archive; statements by Jurors, Joyce Wilson (Professor at Brooks Institute of Photography, Santa Barbara) and Cornelia Butler (Curator, Museum of Contemporary Art [MOCA] Los Angeles); listing of Board of Directors, Advisory Board, Charter and PRO members, and Credits. The CD is available through WIPI.

Founded in 1981, and reorganized in 2000 as an online resource center, Women in Photography International serves the needs of photographers, photo educators, photography students, gallery owners, and photographic organizations around the world. In keeping with their mission, they promote the visibility of women photographers and their work through a variety of programs, exhibitions, juried competitions, and publications.

As an educational nonprofit organization, WIPI perpetuates this tradition by providing member benefits that accommodate changing interests and needs as they head into their third decade as a resource for the international photographic community.

Their quarterly newsmagazine f2 is an online e-Zine publication with member profiles and portfolios, interviews, book reviews, product information, and gallery listings. This f2 publication, in combination with the WIPI Archives, is a premiere resource and an unparalleled World Wide Web network for the international community of women in photography. Please visit their site at:


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