Robin Davis presents archetypes in color photography that owe much to the lush imaginative excess of nineteenth-century hand tinted work. Her “13 Women” series combines explanatory text with images of mythic and historic female figures whom she sees as providing psychological models for contemporary personal action.

13 Women is a tribute to strong, archetypal female characters—facets of us all. Thirteen has always been synonymous with the Goddess and the thirteen lunar cycles of the calendar year. This series is also available as a limited edition, boxed set. The thirteen Iris prints on soft, white watercolor paper are accompanied by detailed character descriptions printed on translucent paper overlays, and housed in a handmade burled-wood box.

Robin divides her time between Atlanta, Georgia, and Cortona, Italy. She has been teaching at the Cortona Center of Photography since 1998 and is looking forward to returning to Italy this Spring for the 2003 workshop series. For information on attending these workshops in Tuscany, visit The Cortona Center offers two-week photo workshops from May through October.

Her shows currently on exhibition include Images from Tuscany, The Monsters, Who are the Dogs?, and 13 Women: Images from History, Mythology and Literature. These works are also available as limited edition handmade books. Please visit her website at

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