Loran C

waves erodingcrash rivuletsmenacing seaencroach
no armsunheedingcriesheartlessimploring notheard
roundness breeds vulnerable anglesdesperate for hidingangels
placesno helprunning in placeslowspace
who took my light?
dying blackenly come stark rays
dark shine webs into caricatures hangingeyes final wink
sealed someone's fate
rocks burstingshipless seas gain
why mesouls restingstayed too longhalf-windowed facade
shuddersicy kniveswinding throughbricks
more cracks than permitted set course to the
finally catch a glimpsesome still exists
follow the shipsRECLAIM
did they really need it?
(what Man has wrought
let no god put us under
"till drifts do us part"
what's Donne is Donne....)



Strike, muse, glance night off dayignite
woeful souls so Time burns into Space a place to fright from
when hammers blow in the wind
sounds blind within distant sights seem too
near because touchinghas gone
Amuse!Stop the pulse
enter the gap and feel worlds unknown
when walkers will is frozen
streets dry up and paths stand still
then only yearns the step to move in directions yet untrod
your messenger, it seems, hears Ages!
from eyes that saw too many distant lives
tiny shards of pain break offandfall
these light-stones left veridian in their place but
calmness made the color into one not yet known
gentle, Siren-urging, impelling annihilation
complete in one ecstatic glance
abysmal death escapes Time's grasp
depth knows not height and breadth breath
it's ultimate gasp


©2001 Wendy Hall


Musician/poet Wendy Hall first appeared in the June issue. Her many interests include Ham radio and deep space. In order keep her anxiety levels up to par she has been known to fly radio-control model helicopters. She splits her time between Los Angeles and Reno and can be reached at wendyhall2000[AT]earthlink.net (replace [AT] with @).

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