Shirley Dunn Perry


Ferris Wheel

I can walk out of any place now and let go of all that I have loved.

Walk with just the clothes on my back, no pocket book or guarantee from any
place I've been or am going to.

Get on a bus with or without a ticket and talk my way into someone's life
with no expectations.

Go without eating for days, water too, and call it praying the night.

Leave your sweet smile like a bear leaves a cave in spring time, hungry for

Wake in the morning not knowing where I am but stay in bed wondering where
light comes from.

I can walk fourteen miles and not stop to see the view. I used to get so
attached, I couldn't leave for stopping.

Not anymore. I'm free in my own skin. A bird without instinct. No pattern of
seasons. No urge to build a nest, call someone sweetie, have a warm dinner
waiting forever. I've left the front and back door open. I can see into the
future but I don't need to look.

I can go without taking a picture of you and the kids. Who knows what fire
might be waiting around the corner?

I can talk for ten days or be so silent you'd think I was mute.

The wind has no need for promises and I'm with the wind now, watching for
currents to fly.

No Ferris Wheel life for me.



so glad to hear from you
I'm under boxes
up to hips in stuff
doing ok but more doing
to be done

if stuff can adopt you
or take you under wing
it is wonderful
when it is hard
to have so much stuff

where does it all comes from

so hard to let go



rich gold
striking sound
against gray sky

green leaves
disciples at your side

sun calls you
your mission



even in your dying
gold speaks
in deeper shades

trumpet closing
transparent crown petals
curling inwards
tips of leaves pale
stem strong

trusting the transformation



flash of lightening
no thunder
silent withdrawal
unknown, unspoken
land of mute
electrical current
ancient history
what kind of current
shy jaws tight
like a lamb
this body
this emotion
watch it file through
tongue lips
dry words
empty bank
alphabet dead
smoldering on a barren plain, no rain in sight

can't say them but ok on the inside
line them up in the mind hallway
make them stand in the corner
coherent or not
language the unspeakable
the black hole of mind will not collapse
no stars no light no mirror

move the light
along the lines of this page
straight lines
giving order to my thoughts
there is no order to black shifting sands


© 2002 Shirley Dunn Perry
Photo by Emily Weir

Shirley Dunn Perry, author of Ten Five-Minute Miracles: How to Relax, is a poet, writer and teacher specializing in writing to find one's voice. She is currently working on a book for writers, tentatively titled, Organic Writing. Her work has appeared in, among others, ByLine Magazine, The Write Word, Erete's Bloom, and The Laughing Dog. Shirley is a retired nurse and world traveler living in Tucson, Arizona, with her husband, Jim Perry.
She can be contacted at SDunnPerry[AT]
(replace [AT] with @).


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