“Coming of Age”

A poetic anthology
from the writers of TheScreamOnline

What started out as a reminiscence of adolescent youth between two old friends (John Kilgore and editor Stuart Vail) turned into an idea for each to write a poem about it. The result was two similar, yet very different, perspectives of a time of life that was awkward, magical, restless, mysterious, rebellious, bittersweet... and was a time that—as with most people—affected the rest of their lives. John and Stuart immediately realized that a gold mine of material was out there, in the very hearts and souls of the writers of TheScreamOnline community, and a call for a “Coming of Age” submissions was advertised. By the writers represented below, the response has been an outstanding success. We are deeply honored to not only be entrusted with these very personal journeys, but to have the opportunity to share them with you.


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