The bottle spun, a blurry green on a beige floor.
A clockwise rotation of past days and nothing more.
Time had moved on, although we remember being there once before.

Encircle the round. We sat in that circle.
The unity line compelled to showing us the future.
Spin, spin, spin… a schoolgirl named Casey grinned.
John, the handsome glimmered a wink. The bottle stopped at him.
Between the hype—they kissed—lips touching lips.

Everyone clapped, everyone yelled, as we began again.
Time beckoned 2nd, 3rd, 4th spin—my wish would soon win.
He, the guy, the one, the prince Sean would be mine for one round.
Nervous lips and weak hearts would soon leave us spellbound.
Kiss—and hold for 30 seconds. A rolling-tingle flared in us both.

We spun. I was now touching another boy’s face in the dark.
In this room, we innocently finished the stupid dare with a kiss.
No one could see, but his watch glowed, as I presumed it was a Swatch.
Tired of this game, nothing could recap the 30 seconds of my fairy tale.
But all ended soon enough, as the non-stop riot was becoming a bore.

They jumped, they played, devilish requests were worse than mine.
We knew the future would be grand; for its kind gesture was still in play.
Spin, spin, spin… we remember the upward curve of our grins.


© 2002 Adriana de Barros

Adriana de Barros works as an advertising designer in Portugal. In addition to maintaining several online personal projects such as Scene 360 and, she is the co-owner of a family business, a clothing company called Silver Coast and Baby Pins, and a Copy Center with a design section. She began her career in design with clothing and logotypes for her own company, extending to Web design and programming in 1999.

Adriana's unique and innovative style of combining different art forms has garnered her prestigious awards and features. Her poetry has been featured at, Poems that Go, Flashbang!, Visual Arts Trends, Poptransit, and Fluxoonline.

She can be contacted at breathe[AT]
(replace [AT] with @).