At Friday's on Sunday

At Friday's on Sunday
at breakfast in the morning
by a table with coffee and rolls
at a table near
was a young woman with hair
so fine straight and dark
surrounding an oval face
with eyes deep and brown
with lashes clustered above
lids that were coy and skeptical
a straight nose directed
downward by eyes reached
full lips in deeper tone than
the olive browned skin
when she spoke her teeth
glistened like moist ivory
and the smile created her
eyes to activate and glisten
she was extraordinary with
sunned complexion and deep
shirt belted to white pants
and tennis sneakers slipped on to
graceful feet that
produced ankles fine and formed
I watched those hands with fingers so
delicate move about
in motion as she ate and spoke
a quality that was unique
and my mind was arrested
on this lovely feminine charm
I needed this softness and concern
I needed those eyes.
of doubt and skepticism . . . there was never to be
I was photographing her
she in her innocent way was
perturbed that she was
not the view from my camera
“it was the view behind that
I am photographing” so I said
and this way the ploy to reduce
her ego and enter
her graces—her eyes were
dismayed and her lips
pouted as I sat at her
table beside her with a kind
request that she could not refuse
she was sweet and innocent—naive
and shy but above all skeptical
I wished to hold her hand
and then kiss the ear which
was pierced by a solid gold earring
she looked at me with a warmth
and tenderness beyond anything
I had witnessed
she was above reproach and
beyond approach and I found her
to be doubtful and unrestful
I knew she was alone
as much alone as I—perhaps
so much alone to be lonely
she looked with those deep
brown eyes direct
and parted her lips to smile
and utter her name
with such softness that
there was never to be
another name as lovely





© 2002 Allan Porter

Author-publisher-photographer-painter-designer Allan Porter was a participant at the first-of-its-kind Poetry Slam at the Seven Arts coffee shop on the corner of 43rd and 9th avenue in New York from 1953-1959. Other participants at the time were Lee Roy Jones, Barbara Moraff, Allen Ginsburg, Edward Dahlberg, William Burroughs, Jack Kerouac sometimes, Lawrance Ferlinghetti and others in the fields of the arts, theater, and photography. His email address is: allan.porter[AT] (replace [AT] with @).

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