Big Red

I suppose it was the best
Full of promise and near successes
A nice, intimate mix of
Tedium and rabid exhilaration
With short Basho blurbs
Read in a stuffy classroom;
No care for meaning
Or history
Only a raging spark—somewhere, anywhere—
When a developing girl on the other side
Of the room shifted slightly
Weekends filled with
Spying crisp pictures of
A recognizable, young man, smirking
In his New York City t-shirt, and wondering
Why everyone could love him
Or savoring the pungent, curdling
Perfume of too much cinnamon gum
Wrapped lethargically around a searching tongue,
A serpent, giddily invited to
Invade my mouth
And the hesitant push of a
New, or perhaps,
At-one-time new
Gas pedal,
Which might bring more searching serpents calling
On a crystal Friday



© 2002 Ryan Skinnell

Ryan is a recent graduate of the University of California at Santa Barbara with a degree in English. He has published poems in a few small literary magazines, including TheScreamOnline, and is currently in the process of writing a book loosely based on time he spent in East Asia. He can be reached at skinnysb[AT]

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