The Prisoner

Adolescent country boy
moved to suburban neighborhood.
Left behind childhood of horses,
cows, chickens,
walking to school through fields of alfalfa,
hunting for tadpoles
at the river.

left behind innocence . . . .

Concrete and asphalt,
telephone poles and traffic
replaced the alfalfa fields of adolescent country boy’s
new trek to higher learning.
The call of the country plagued the boy
in his new surroundings; though . . .
the fire of adolescence, the heat in his groin—
the three sisters in the house on the corner
quickly filled the void.

Just four houses away.

The thirst and the ache and the fire of his youth:
Unquenchable, untreatable, inextinguishable—

Three sisters . . .
and a terrified adolescent, former country boy,
paralyzed and possessed by their raw fecundity,
held hostage by his hormones,
blindfolded, gagged, and handcuffed by his rabid imagination of foreign lands:
mysterious, dark, moist and tropical.

Classrooms became cubicals of erotic daydreams—
hourly delineations of sexual fantasies
        by ringing bells.
Textbooks were nothing more than sketchbooks,
the wasted-on-the-young words covered over with drawings of . . .

Three sisters,
just four houses away.
They barely knew hormone-boy existed, yet
they represented—embodied—all that he lived for.
He ate, breathed, dreamt their womanhood.
There was nothing else in the world that mattered,
nothing else existed but the fire in his loins for what lived
    what might as well have been four-hundred miles away.

It was the ultimate incarceration, yet
once boy was paroled and he went forth into the world
in his new suit with twenty dollars in the pocket,
he crashed headfirst, finally, into relationships, marriages,
into the mysterious, dark, moist world of his adolescent imagination,
and he finally knew of the three sisters on the corner. . .

And hadn’t a clue.



© 2002 Stuart Vail

Mr. Vail is the editor/publisher of TheScreamOnline and also works in the music industry in Hollywood, California. And regarding women, he finally gets it (he thinks).

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