Ralking to You

Almost daily I go for a run
intend to, anyway
for all the usual reasons
But I'm too new at this
I end up walking much of the way
above the river, chilled and green like gin
past chance-seeded figs groping the granite of the hillside
past blackberries, their ignored abundance testifying on the vine
past the dam's stagnant raceway, bubbling domain
let of frogs and egrets
I walk then run then walk again—
I think of it as ralking—
willing to let my strength build as it will
my will, itself, strengthening
my build thinning
so my strength grows yet further
It's a wondrous spiral
one builds one strengthens one thins one which builds
each lap closer to center
As I ralk towards you
and pause hands-on-hips
to breathe in the moments I live with you
beads of love form on my skin
wet my chest, my back, my forearms
the muscle of my soul bulges
I feel it flex
I can feel it
and I know I can endure
to be me truly
to be
simply be, which takes all the strength I can muster
all the will I have
all the me I am
It gets easier if experience is true
and soon enough
I will run without tiring.



© 2002 Homer Christensen