Huge in His Red Robe

God is huge in his red robe letting go with a battering of wings
geese, herons, swans, seagulls, hawks, condors, halibut, haddock,
pickerel, barracuda, basking whale, right whale, great whale,

porpoises and seals,

thundering toward the sea, and he, bigger than all of them, pushing
them to life, sending them gustily over the high sea and behind him
a dog, a cat, some shadowy mammals,

no humans so far,

to be driven into the sea, driven out of paradise, out of war-
torn countries, driven to drink, to kill, to love,
to dance the tarantella or the dance of death, to play the tuba,

to play the trumpet, swing from the trapeze,

compose music, to be Mozart, to be the darkness of Wagner,
to build the pyramids, to divide themselves into warring tribes, to blast
one another, to paint the hand of God almost touching us, to yell at God,

to hate God for what happened,

to go to God despite what happened, to pray or not to pray, to prey upon
one another, to keep God, or to let go of him with whatever consequences.
A vigorous God, an excited God. One that allows us

to love God for what happened,

all the energy of animal creation
bursting upon the earth, the earth reeling with hooves, fish splashing,
the tidal wave of creation bursting upon the earth,

and then he touches us.


|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| © Margaret Szumowski