Feliks Netz

From the Book of Fulfilled Prophecies

It was said that there’d be rain,
And those who began to nail together floating houses did well,
For it rained forty-four nights and days.

It was said that he who is coming is called the Son of God,
And gendarmes went out to meet him,
For it was not clear where it would all lead.

It was said that the Roman Empire will collapse
Any day, and it did collapse,
Only there was a calculation error of a few centuries.

It was said that something is about to begin.
And it began. And even old people tore up their shirts for a flag,
But that they were twisted into a lash, that’s a different story.

It was said that dreams will be good,
And those who believed this, are asleep
And they are truly happy and contented.

It was said that the world will end.
And it has ended. But we haven’t noticed.

Translated from the Polish by George Gömöri