Tree Riesener


I like to think about
in heaven

when I look
through a window
into your lighted space
nobody sees me
because I'm in the cold black night

and you're in a warm bright room

I'm under the window
in moist earth
my footprints slowly fill with water

behind me
surf crashes and booms

after I watch you
welcome at home
with the christmas tree
glowing in every color
all the company
happy to see you
eggnog in a chinese bowl
some sort of classical music
probably haydn or mozart
everybody hanging on your words
as you tell your story
and every once in a while
patting your hand
when you wipe away tears

I turn away
walk through fog
down the dark road
to that little all-night bar

shaking with cold
I gulp down a strong coffee
with plenty of sugar
have a couple of drinks
to make sure
the coffee won't keep me awake

in that warm room
after the hot drink and the whiskey
I cross my arms on the table
like school kids
when it's time to rest

lay my head down on my arms
and fall asleep

thinking about you in heaven