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A rave for the January 2002 issue from Netsurfer Digest:

We Scream for TheScreamOnline

You can tune in stunning photos, art, and literature at sites all over the Web, but TheScreamOnline offers them more consistently than most. This quarterly is the closest thing we’ve seen to an online coffee-table magazine. The Winter 2002 issue features the art of Ken Brown, from Vancouver, B.C., and incredible photography from United Nations photographer John Isaac, Scottish photographer Alex Hamilton, and much, much more. Fiction, non-fiction, poetry, commentary, music, technology—a brief blurb in an e-zine like ours really can’t do the site justice. You’ll want to bookmark TheScreamOnline and return often. “A clear conscience is usually the sign of a bad memory,” quotes the home page. Truer words have never appeared onscreen. Thrashing through the underbrush as we do, we see a lot of sites. It is rare to see one this impressive.

And this from for the April 2003 issue:

At Last A Luxurious Arts And Belles Lettres Magazine You Can Afford: If you have zilch, it's yours: The SCREAMonline, full of goodies for your pleasure. There's Kenn Brown's 8.5 foot DNA illustration [Flash req.]; sober reflections on the fattening of America; the strangely beautiful and boring Mt.Wilson Tower cam; Michael Corrigan's Confessions of a Shanty Irishman; some classic quotations from Woody Allen and the likes; a selection of bizarre record covers—and much more that is lovely to look at and entertaining to read. It's not exactly FMR, but then, how could it be? A propósito, does anybody know of other rich coffee-table weblogs or online magazines that are worth reading and yet look good enough to leave lying around on one's monitor? ;) And isn't it amazing that there are still so many free luxury items on the Web?

Laurel Johnson of the Midwest Book Review interviewed editor Stuart Vail for the March 2004 issue. Says Johnson, "A friend and fellow writer recently introduced me to a website featuring one of his short stories. This website — TheScreamOnline — is stylish and elegant, visually stunning. Art, Photography, Literature, Film, and Poetry are featured. Stuart Vail is the editor-in-chief of TheScreamOnline.  I chose to interview him because his website content is excellent in every way."