The year was probably 1980. I was working at Quill Music, a Los Angeles music preparation office, hand-writing out the instrument parts for a recording session. We were listening to KFAC-FM, and Doug Ordunio was interviewing William Shatner, who at the time was starring in the TV series, "T.J. Hooker." Being the son of an English teacher, I am sensitive to the common faux pas in everyday speaking, such as "uh," "like," and "you know." During the interview Shatner peppered his speeech with uh after uh after uh, and it drove me crazy. Finally, Doug Ordunio invited listeners to call-in with questions for Mr. Shatner. I couldn't resist. In the following recording you will hear my question, some frustrated prompting from Mr. Ordunio, and Shatner's reply. He did clean up his act considerably, but there are still at least six "uh"s.