Am I Going Down?

The Internet is an amazing resource. It provides unprecedented access to information on a staggering scale. With a computer and a modem one can research a novel, track down lost relatives, have a garage sale, and even learn a new language. The World Wide Web is also full of all sorts of strange and bizarre items. Go to, type-in anything that comes to mind, and chances are there is a website for it (yes, even "underwater basket weaving").

One of the oddest travel websites we found is, a site that will predict the odds of dying in a plane crash, based on the departure and arrival cities, the airline, the type of plane, and the date. For example:


The next window asks for some information about yourself.
We used our own Pharquar Nern as a guinea pig
and sent him from Egypt to Israel.

Then we chose the cities, the airline, the type of plane, and the month of departure.

Not so good. The animated GIF shows the woman hastily jumping out of the emergency exit.

We also sent Pharquar from Los Angeles to London
and his chances were 1 in 35 million.
Hmmm...location, location.


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