The House of Cheese

Sculptor Cosimo Cavallaro has transformed a typical suburban house in Powell, Wyoming, into a cheddar-laden dwelling, devoid of any need for stucco tint, wallpaper coordination, or upholstery considerations. The theme-of-the-moment is purely sprayed-on cheese—10,000 lbs. worth. Cosimo's prior experiments in the Art of Whey include a New York hotel room and the accessorizing of a model in a head-to-toe bedecking of formaggio.

Here is the house in Wyoming before it met Cosimo:

Enter Cosimo Cavallaro. Here are images of the installation:

Cosimo Cavallaro was born in Montreal in 1961. The son of Italian immigrants, Cavallaro was raised both in Canada and Italy. He attended art schools in Italy, Canada, and the United States before eventually setting up shop as a sculptor in Montreal in the early 1980's.

Cavallaro eventually fell into film direction when a friend asked him to help out on a set. Within days, he was assisting with art design. Soon he was a full time production designer working first on features and then on commercials. Directing was the natural progression. As a director Cavallaro has won numerous awards including the Director of the Year Award in Canada and the 1990 Canadian Film Festival Award for Best Video of the Year.

Although film and video monopolized the majority of Cavallaro's time in the 1980's and early 1990's, his art remained evident in all of his work, and foremost in his mind. In 1995 he moved to New York where he began focusing more of his time on art. His work speaks to a variety of audiences and expresses (in his own words) "the struggle between need and desire; the known and unknown; the warm security of the womb and the chill uncertainty of the world."

Cavallaro's media range from photography to large steel sculptures. His work has been exhibited in galleries and museums throughout the world. Cavallaro has recently been working with new media including cheese (Room 114, Twiggy in Cheese, a pair of boots,and a jacket), candy (Candy Chair), and rubber (inflatable piano).

His cheese installations have attracted features in various media outlets including the New York Times, Contemporary Visual Arts, People, BBC, Harpers, the Associated Press, CBC and the Fox News Channel.

2001 Cheese House Wyoming, Powell WY:  House In Cheese
2000 Cedarhurst Sculpture Museum, Mt. Vernon IL:  Bicycle Seats
1999 Downtown Arts Festival, New York NY:  Twiggy In Cheese
1999 Washington Jefferson Hotel, New York NY:  Room 114
1998 Nese & Alpan Gallery, Roslyn NY:  Pillows
1998 Cedarhurst Sculpture Museum, Mt. Vernon IL:  Knot
1998 Stevens George Gallery, Hammond IN:  Nudes
1998 Chicago Children's Museum, Chicago IL:  Knot
1998 Moo Boo Gallery, Berkley CA:  Nudes
1998 Pier Walk, Chicago IL:  Knot
1998 Armory Art Center, Palm Beach FL:  Kiddie Ride
1998 Wood Street Gallery, Chicago IL:  Pillows
1998 De Corvada Museum and Sculpture Park, Boston MA:  Knot
1998 Krasel Art Center, Chicago IL:  Pillows
1998 Center For Contemporary Art, Los Angeles CA:  Kiddie Ride
1997 Real Art Ways Contemporary Art Space, Hartford CT:  Birth, Pillows, and Railings
1996 SoHo Arts Festival, New York NY:  Birth and Pillows

All images and text used with the kind permission of the artist.

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