French colonial empire: Quebec to New Orleans.
Dodo bird extinct.
Samuel Butler dies.
Comédie Française.
Gianlorenzo Bernini dies.
Stradivari makes 1st cello.

Royal Charter: Pennsylvania.
European Congress.
Academy of Sciences, Moscow.
Chelsea Hospital, London.
First checks in England.
Georg Philipp Telemann born.

La Salle claims Lousiana.
58,000 France Huguenots forced to conversion.
Claude Lorraine dies.
Bartolomé Murillo dies.
Halley’s Comet.

Future King George II born.
Spain declares war on France.
Peace Treaty: William Penn & Indians.
Newton: gravity & tides.
1st Germany immigrants in N. Amer.
Pieter de Hooch dies.
Guarino Guarini dies.
Henry Purcell: court composer to Charles II.
Jean Philippe Rameau born.

England annuls charter of Mass.
Street lamps in London.
The Pilgrims’s Progress pt. 2.
Bordeaux: 93 Jewish families expelled.
Jean Antoine Watteau born.
Nicolo Amati born.

Charles II dies.
James II.
French settle Texas.
Pont Royal, Paris.
Silk manufacture in England
Johann Sebastian Bach born.
George F. Handel born.
Domenico Scarlatti born.

Federation of New England.
Russia war on Turkey.
Gabriel Fahrenheit born.
French settle Arkansas.
Halley makes 1st meteor map.
Jean Baptiste Oudry born.

Declaration of Indulgence.
Venetians damage Parthenon.
Universtiy of Bologna.
Jean-Baptiste Lully dies, major French composer (b. 1632).

England: “Glorious Revolution.”
William of Orange and Mary become King and Queen of England, beginning long period of hostility between England & France.
Joseph Delisle born, astronomer.
Alexander Pope born, poet.
Plate glass invented.
Earthquake destoys Smyrna.
John Bunyan dies.

James II abdicates.
Declaration of Rights.
William & Mary: King and Queen for life.
Louis XIV war on England.
Iroquios massacre French at Lachine, Canada.
Peter the Great becomes Czar.
Pope Innocent XI dies,
Pope Alexander VIII succeeds.