England conquers Port Royal, Can.
Annapolis Royal won by British.
Future Louis XV born.
Three-color printing.
Wilhelm F. Bach born.

Russia war with Turkey
France capture Rio de Janeiro.
Tuscarora War in N. Carolina.
Indians massacre 200.
Queen Anne establishes Ascot races.
Berlin Academy.
David Hume born.
London Academy of Arts.
Clarinet in orchestra.
Tuning fork.

Giovanni Cassini dies.
Witch trials abolished in England
Newspaper Stamp Act, England
Slave revolts in NY.
Christian Reuter born.
Jean-Jacques Rousseau born.

Spain cedes Gibralter to England.
Peace of Utrecht.
Alison Cockburn born.
Denis Diderot born.
Arcanagelo Corelli dies.
School of Dance, Paris Opéra.

Queen Anne dies.
King George I coronated.
Mercury thermometer.
9 volumes of Shakespeare published.
Worcester College, Oxford.
Jean Baptiste Pigalle born.
Karl P. Emannuel Bach born.
Christopher Gluck born.

1st Parliament of George I.
Indians revolt in South Carolina.
French colony at Louisbourg.
Louis XIV dies.
1st Liverpool dock.
Claude Helvétius born.
Rococo begins.
Vaudville in Paris.

Treaty of Westminster.
Mineral waters, Cheltenham.
England actors in Williamsburg, Va.
Christianity prohibited in China.

Peter the Great visits Paris.
Smallpox innoculation.
Handel: Water Music.
Mongols occupy Lhasa.

Peter the Great son murdered.
Quadruple Alliance: England, France, Holland, the Empire.
England war with Spain.
William Penn dies.
Yale University.
Porcelain manufactured in Vienna.
Voltaire imprisoned in Bastille.
Founding of New Orleans by Mississippi Company.

France war with Spain.
Liechtenstein becomes principality.
Ireland separates from England.
The Boston Gazette.
Westminster Hospital, London.
1st cricket match.
Defoe: Robinson Crusoe.
Jesuits expelled from Russia.
Leopold Mozart born.