Mississippi Co. failure leads to French national bankruptcy.
Spain occupies Texas.
1st collective settlement in Vermont.
Tibet becomes Chinese protectorate.
Old Haymarket Theatre, Lond.
Novels serialized in newspapers.
Bernardo Canaletto born.
Wallpaper fashionable in England
1st yacht club: Ireland.

China kills Formosa revolt.
Madame de Pompadour born.
Swiss bring rifles to America.
Regular mail: London to New England
Tobias Smollett born.
Pope Innocent XIII appointed to succeed to Pope Clement XI.
R. Walpole: 1st English Prime Minister.
Jean Antoine Watteau dies.
Bach: Brandenburg Concertos.

John Churchill dies.
Samuel Adams born.
Guy’s Hospital, London.
Flora MacDonald born.
Workhouse Test Act.
Defoe: Moll Flanders.
St. Martin-in-the-Fields, London.
Johann Tischbein born.
Bach: Well-Tempered Klavier.

Treaty of Charlottenburg.
Antony van Leeuwenhoek dies.
Robert Walpole reduces tea tax.
Sir Christopher Wren dies.
Bach: St. John Passion.

Peter the Great crowns wife.
Gin popluar in Great Britain.
Longman’s publishing house.
Pope Innocent XIII dies, Pope Benedict XIII succeeds.
George Stubbs born.
Immanuel Kant born.

Peter the Great dies, Catherine, Czarina, succeeds.
Delisle: Map of Europe.
St. Petersburg Academy of Science.
Casanova born.
New York Gazette.
James Otis born.
Homer’s Oddyssey translated.
Rome: Spanish Steps finished.
Prague Opera House.
Alessandro Scarlatti dies.

Blood pressure measured.
Gridiron pendulum for clocks.
First circulating library, Scotland.
Swift: Gulliver’s Travels.
Voltaire banished from France.

Spanish siege of Gibralter; war with England.
Czarina Catherine dies, Peter II succeeds.
Nutrition & physiology of plants.
Isaac Newton dies.
Coffee first planted in Brazil.
Quakers demand end of slavery.
American Philosophical Society.
Thomas Gainsborough born.

Spain raises siege of Gibralter.
Horatio Gates born.
Dutch discover Bering Strait.
James Cook born.
Thomas Warton born.
John Gay: Beggar’s Opera.

Future Catherine the Great born.
Treaty of Seville.
Baltimore founded.
N.&S. Carolina: crown colonies.
Moses Mendelssohn born.
Bach: St. Matthew Passion.