Czar Peter dies, succeeded by Anne.
Edinburgh Royal Infirmary.
Pope Benedict XIII dies.
Pope Clement XII succeeds.
John & Charles Wesley found Methodist sect at Oxford.
Rococo in full form.
Josiah Wedgewood born.

Treaty of Vienna.
French fortify Lake Champlain.
Dieting advocated.
Erasmus Darwin born.
Quadrant, for sea navigation.
10 Downing Street, Westminster.
Charles Churchill born.
William Cowper born.
Daniel Defoe dies.
Philadelpia State House, later known as “Independence Hall.”
Public concerts in Boston.

George Washington born.
Poor Richard’s Almanac.
Ninepins played in New York.
Seventh Day Baptists.
Trevi Fountains, Rome.
Covent Garden Opera House.
Franz Joseph Haydn born.

Savannah, Georgia, founded.
Flying shuttle loom.
Franz Anton Mesmer born.
Latin abolished in England courts.
Molasses Act.
Bach composes B-minor Mass short version.

8000 Saltzburg Protestants settle Georgia.
1st race horse in America.
Koran translated into English.
George Romney born.

John Adams born.
William Pitt elected to Parliament.
Paul Revere born.
Evolution hypothesized.
The Boston Evening Post.
French settle Indiana.
Alcohol prohibited in Georgia.
Bible trans. into Lithuanian.
John Wesley: Journals.
Johann Christian Bach born.
Imperial Ballet, St. Petersburg.

Patrick Henry born.
1st appendectomy operation.
Gabriel Fahrenheit dies.
Manufacture of glass in Venice.
India rubber in England.
Statute against witchcraft is repealed in England.
Pope condemns Freemasonry.
Pergolesi dies.

Richmond, Virginia, founded.
Last of the Medici dies.
Queen Caroline dies.
Thomas Paine born.
Edward Gibbon born.
Wesley: Songs and Hymns.
James Gibbs’ Radcliffe Camera.
Antonio Stradivari dies.

English/Spanish border dispute in Georgia, England troops sent.
Future King George III born.
Pressure & velocity of fluids.
Joseph Guillotin born.
1st Cuckoo clocks, Black Forestablished
Papal bull against Freemasonry.
J. Wesley’s evang. conversion.
John Singleton Copley born.
Bach composes B-minor Mass full version.

George Clinton born (U.S. vice president).
Winthrop: Notes on Sunspots.
1st camellias from Far East.
Foundling Hospital, London.