Frederick Wm. I of Prussia dies.
First Silesian War begins.
Anne, daughter of Peter the Great, dies; succeeded by Czar Ivan VI.
University of Pennsylvania.
Berlin Academy of Science.
Smallpox epidemic in Berlin.
James Boswell born.
Pope Clement XII dies,
Pope Benedict XIV succeeds.
Marquis de Sade born.

Czar Ivan VI deposed; Czarina Elizabeth, daughter of Peter the Great succeeds.
Victor Behring “discoveror” of Alaska & Aleutian Islands dies.
Angelica Kauffmann born.
Charles Willson Peale born.
1st magazines in America.
Handel composes Messiah (in 18 days!).
Antonio Vivaldi dies.

First Silesian War ends.
Charles Viner writes 23-volume
Legal Encyclopædia.
Handel's Messiah 1st performed: Dublin.
Anders Celsius invents celsius thermometer.

Thomas Jefferson born.
Jean Paul Marat born.
Pogroms in Russia.
France explorers reach Rocky Mountains.
Voltaire: Mérope.

France declares war on England
Second Silesian War.
French troops withdraw from Annapolis, Nova Scotia.
Eruption of Mt. Cotopaxi, South America.
First cricket match in England.

British take Louisbourg, NS.
Peace of Dresden.
Ishege: Shogun of Japan.
Jonathan Swift dies.
von Kleist invents capacitor.
Allesandro Volta born, physicist.
1st Oddfellows lodge in London.

Philip V of Spain dies.
Francisco de Goya born.
College of New Jersey founded; becomes Princeton in 1896.
Tartans prohibited in England

John Paul Jones born.
Louisbourg surrenders.
Nat’l. Library founded-Warsaw.
Handel: Judas Maccabæus.
Sugar discovered in beet root.
Carriage tax in England.

Russian troops march to Rhine.
Carlo Gozzi: Turandot.
Hogarth: Calais Gate.
J. Fothergill describes diphtheria.
Platinum shipped to Europe from South America.

Fortress at Halifax (Nova Scotia) built.
1st settlement of Ohio Company.
Henry Fielding: Tom Jones.
Johann Wolfgang Goethe born.
Handel: Royal Fireworks Music.
Georgia becomes Crown colony.
Sign language invented for deaf by Giacobbo Rodriguez Pereire.