Henry Knox born.
New York opens 1st playhouse.
Neoclassicism in Europe.
J. S. Bach dies.
Antonio Salieri born.
Beggar’s Opera 1st time in NY.
1st movable type, for music.
J. Mayer: Map of the Moon.
Europe: 140 million.

China invades Tibet.
James Madison born.
Maria Theresa born, future Queen of Spain.
Minuet: popular dance in Europe.
England: New Year January 1 instead of March 25.
1st mental asylums in London.

Treaty between Spain & Rome.
Thomas Chatterton born.
Henry Fielding writes Amelia.
John Nash (architect) born.
Betsy Ross born.
Benjamin Franklin discovers lightning conductor.

French troops take Ohio Valley.
England permits naturalization of Jews.
British Museum chartered, London.
Vienna Stock Exchange founded.

Charles Talleyrand born.
French/English war in North America.
Loius XVI born.
Henry Fielding dies.
King’s College (NY) founded; becomes Columbia U. in 1784.
St. Andrew’s Golf Club founded in Scotland.

France defeat England, Fort Duquesne.
Marie Antoinette born.
Loius XVIII born.
Alexander Hamilton born.
Samuel Johnson: Dictionary of the English Language.
Gilbert Stuart born, artist.
Samuel C. S. Hahnemann born, founder of homeopathy.
U. of Moscow founded.
Lisbon quake kills 30,000.

England declares war on France.
Aaron Burr born.
Wolfgang A. Mozart born.
Cotton velvet first made (England).
1st chocolate factory (Germany).
Porcelain factory at Sèvres.

Lafayette born.
William Blake born.
Domenico Scarlatti dies.
The London Chronicle.

James Monroe born.
Maximilien de Robespierre born.
Washington at Fort Duquesne.
Horation Nelson born.
China occupies East Turkestan.
Pope Benedict XIV dies, Pope Clement XIII succeeds.
Noah Webster born.
Jedediah Strutt invents ribbing machine for manufacture of hose.

William Pitt the Younger born.
King Ferdinand of Spain dies; succeeded by Charles III.
British take Quebec from France
Robert Burns born.
Voltaire writes Candide.
Jesuits expelled from Portugal.
Handel dies.
Haydn: Symphony No. 1.
Joseph Merlin invents roller skates.