Russians burn Berlin.
King George II of England dies, succeeded by George III.
Goldsmith: Citizen of the World.
Architect Peter Harrison designs Christ Church, Cambridge MA.
Haydn: Symphonies 2-5.
1st England school for deaf & dumb.
Wedgewood Pottery Works.
Botanical Gardens, London.
1st silk hats from Florence.
John Montagu invents the Sandwich.
Marie “Madame” Tussaud born.

Ieharu becomes hogun of Japan.
Haydn appointed Kapellmeister to Prince Paul Esterházy.
Venus atmosphere discovered.
B.G.Morgagni: On the Causes of Diseases.
Süssmilch: study of statistics.
1st veterinary school: Lyons.

First British settlement in Maugerville, New Brunswick.
Wm. Falconer writes The Shipwreck.
Sorbonne Library opens, Paris.
B. Franklin improves harmonica.
Mozart tours as prodigy, age 6.
Cast iron made malleable.
King Gillette: safety razor.
Edmund Rice born, founder of the Christian Brothers.

Indian rising near Detroit.
England provides govt. for Quebec.
Boswell, biographer of Samuel Johnson, first meets him.
Fertilization by pollen studied.

Sugar Act to tax Amer. colonies.
Brown University founded (Rhode Island).
William Hogarth dies (artist).
Haydn composes Symphony No. 2.
Mozart composes 1st Symphony (age 8).
1st white settlement at St. Louis.
James Watt invents condenser.
Mme. de Pompadour dies.
London introduces house numbers.

England passes Stamp Act; 9 colonies challenge w/ rights and liberties declaration.
Preserving by hermetic sealing.
Potato popular in Europe.

Repeal of Stamp Act.
Mason-Dixon line drawn.
Theatre Royal established, oldest in England
Catherine the Great grants freedom of worship in Russia.
Haydn: Great Mass in Eb.
1st paved sidewalk: London.
John Dalton born, founder of chemical atomic theory.
Louis de Bougainville "discovers" Tahiti, Solomon Islands, New Guinea.

Andrew Jackson born.
Tax on tea imports in colonies.
John Quincy Adams born.
Townshend Act.
Burma invades Siam.
Chaos in India.
Georg Philipp Telemann dies.

Massachusettes Assembly dissolved for refusing to collect taxes.
France buys Corsica.
Antonio Canaletto born.
Royal Academy founded, Lond.
Mozart’s 1st opera produced.
James Cooks’ 1st voyage.
Giovanni Canaletto dies.

Virginia Assembly dissolved.
Napoleon I born in Corsica.
Pope Clement XIII dies,
Pope Clement XIV succeeds.
1st steam road carriage.
1st lightning conductors.
“ The Morning Chronicle,” London.
1st crêche at Steintal, Alsace.