Boston Massacre.
William Wordsworth born.
Gainsborough paints The Blue Boy.
Ludvig van Beethoven born.
1st NY performance of Messiah.
James Bruce: Blue Nile origin.
James Cook sails into Botany bay.
Euler: Introduction to Algebra.
England Industrial Revolution: steam power, international free trade, and textile machines.
1st public restaurant: Paris.
Jefferson begins Monticello.

Russia & Prussia partition Poland.
(Sir) Walter Scot born.
1st ed. Encyclopædia Britannica.
Arkwright: 1st spinning wheel.
New York Hospital founded

Boston Assembly demands rights of colonies, threatens secession.
Royal Marriage Act in England.
Samuel Taylor Coleridge born.
Inquisition abolished in France.
Flight & Kelly: 1st barrel organs.
Discovery of nitrogen.
James Cook’s 2nd voyage.
Novalis born.

Boston Tea Party
William Harrison born.
Goethe writes 1st version of Faust.
Swedish National Theater.
Clement XIV dissolves Jesuits.
Waltz popular in Vienna.
1st cast-iron bridge, England.
Philadelphia Museum founded.

England closes port of Boston.
Quebec Act: Roman Catholicism established in Canada.
Louis XV dies, Louis XVI king.
Continental Congress.
Nonimportation of British goods by American colonies.
Pope Clement XIV dies.
Scheele discovers chlorine gas.
Priestley discovers oxygen.
F. A. Mesmer uses hypnosis.
John “Johnny Appleseed” Chapman born.

American Revolution: Paul Revere’s ride, Lexington, Fort Ticonderoga, 2nd Continental Congress, Bunker Hill, England hires 39,000 German mercenaries.
Jane Austen born.
Charles Lamb born.
André Marie Ampère born.
Pope Pius VI appointed.
James Turner born, artist.
Digitalis used as diuretic.
Classification of Insects.
Girard invents water turbine.
Watt perfects steam engine.
A. Cumming invents modern flush toilet.

British forced out of Boston.
Declaration of Independence.
Betsy Ross makes American flag.
Congress retires to Baltimore.
E. T. A. Hoffmann born.
John Constable born.
Edward Gibbon: Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire.
Adam Smith: Wealth of Nations.
James Cook’s 3rd voyage.

Lafayette arrives in America.
British control Delaware.
Alexander I of Russia born.
Haydn: Symphony No. 63.
David Bushnell invents torpedo.
Lavoisier: air = oxygen+nitrogen.
Continental Congress adopts Stars and Stripes as flag.
Hans Christian Oersted born.

Colonies sign treaties with France and Holland.
British capture Savannah.
Indian massacres at Pa. and NY.
Beau Brummell born.
Rousseau and Voltaire die.
Beethoven presented as prodigy.
La Scala in Milan opens.
James Cook “discovers” Hawaii.
Smeaton improves diving bell.
Congress prohibits slave import.
Joseph Bramah improves the water closet.

Spain declares war on England.
Thomas Chippendale dies.
James Cook killed.
Joel Poinsett born (poinsettia).
1st children’s clinic, London.
1st velocipedes in Paris.
Berzelius born, chemist.