Henry Grattan demands Irish Home Rule.
Charleston surrenders to British.
Benedict Arnold plot revealed.
Peru rebels against Spanish rule.
Jean-Auguste Ingres born.
S. Carezo invents the bolero.
Erard makes 1st pianoforte.
Haydn: Toy Symphony.
Gervinus invents circular saw.
Academy of Sciences, Boston.
Scheller invents fountain pen.

British capitulation at Yorktown, evacuation of Charleston & Savannah.
Clarendon Press established at Oxford.
Kant: Critique of Pure Reason.
Gewandhaus Concerts: Leipzig.
Hershel discovers Uranus.
Scheele discovers tungsten.

Spanish capture Minorca.
Ben Franklin in London.
Spain conquers Florida.
British take Gibralter.
Johann Christian Bach dies.
Nicolò Paganini born, violinist.
Montgolfier brothers construct air balloon.

Peace of Versailles: Britain recognizes U.S. independence.
Famine in Japan.
Washington Irving born.
Stendahl born.
William Herschel: Motion of the Solar System in Space.
Beethoven’s 1st works printed.
Mozart: Mass in C-minor.
Paddle wheel steam boat.
Bank of Ireland founded.

Treaty of Constantinople.
Thomas Jefferson’s land ordinance passed.
Samuel Johnson dies.
Aimé Argand designs oil burner.
Atwood determines acceleration of free-falling body.
Joseph Bramah invents 1st patent lock.
Meikle: threshing machine.
Lunardi: 1st balloon ascent.
Paris School for the Blind.
The Boston Sentinel.

Marie Antoinette discredited.
Commercial Treaty between U.S. & Prussia.
Thomas de Quincey born.
Jakob Grimm born.
Rev. James Wilmot identifies Francis Bacon as author of Shakespeare plays.
Madison: Religious Freedom Act.
Chemical bleaching invented.
Salsano invents seismograph.
Balloon crossing: England Channel.

Lord Cornwallis becomes Gov. of India.
Frederick the Great dies.
Wilhelm Grimm born.
Carl Maria von Weber born.
Moses Mendelssohn dies.
Mennonites settle in Canada.
Mozart: Marriage of Figaro.
Klaproth discovers uranium.
Nail-making machine invented.
James Rumsey designs first mechanical boat
Germany & England install gas lighting.

New York Assembly imposes duties on foreign goods.
Constitution of the United States.
Pennsylvania gains statehood.
Turkey declares war on Russia.
Samuel Cunard born.
Composer Anton Gluck dies.
Mozart: Don Giovanni, Prague.
John Fitch launches steam boat.
U.S. dollar currency introduced.
George Ohm born, physicist.

Austria declares war on Turkey.
British parlimentary motion to abolish slave trade.
U. S. Constitution ratified.
NY becomes federal capitol of U. S.
Lord Byron born.
Goethe writes Egmont.
Arthur Schopenhauer born.
Thomas Gainsborough dies.
Mozart: Symphony in Eb, Symphony in G-minor, Jupiter.
Bread riots in France.
1st German cigar factory.
Porcelain pots’n’pans invented.
The Times, London.

1st U.S. Congress meets in NY.
George Washington inaugurated.
French Revolution.
Paris mob storms Bastille.
Austria takes Belgrade.
Blake: Songs of Innocence.
James Fenimore Cooper born.
Muscular contraction testing.
Louis Daguerre born.
Bounty mutineers settle Pitcairn.
Chrysanthemums from Orient introduced to Great Britain.
1st steam-driven cotton factory.
Tammany founded in NY.