Benjamin Franklin dies.
Philadelphia becomes U.S. federal capitol.
France Jews granted civil liberties.
John Carroll becomes 1st American Roman Catholic bishop.
1st session US Supreme Court.
Mozart: Così fan tutte.
1st patent law in U.S.
Table of 31 Chemical Elements.
Washington, D. C., founded

Massacre at Champ de Mars, Paris.
Vermont gains statehood.
Bill of Rights ratified.
Canada Constitutional Act: two provinces, Upper and Lower.
Michael Faraday born.
John Wesley dies.
Brandenburg Gate, Berlin.
Carl Czerny born, composer.
Théodore Géricault born, pntr.
Haydn: Surprise Symphony.
Waltz popular in England.
Samuel Morse born.
Boswell: Life of Johnson.
Thomas Paine: Rights of Man.
Marquis de Sade: Justine.
Bank of N. America founded.
London School of Veterinary Surgery founded.
Mozart dies.

Russia and Turkey end war.
French royal family imprisoned.
Trial of Louis XVI.
1st guillotine in Paris.
France declares war on Austria, Prussia, and Sardinia.
Kentucky gains statehood.
Denmark abolishes slave trade.
Two U. S. political parties: Republicans and Federalists.
Percy Bysshe Shelley born.
Vindication of the Rights of Women (Mary Wollstonecraft).
Construction begins on the White House.
Beethoven studies with Haydn.
Gioacchino Rossini born.
Mechanical semaphore signal.
Libel Act passed in England.
U.S. mints dollar coins.

Louis XVI executed.
Reign of Terror begins.
Roman Catholics banned in France.
Marie Antoinette executed.
Napoleon takes Toulon.
Holy Roman Empire declares war on France.
Compulsory education in France.
Capitol Building, Washington., D. C.
The Louvre established.
Paganini makes virtuoso debut.
MacKenzie crosses Canada.
Eli Whitney invents cotton gin.
US law says: “Escaped slaves, return to your owners.”

Robespierre executed.
Habeus Corpus halted in England
“Whiskey Insurrection,” Pennsylvania.
11th Amendment to Constitution.
U. S. Navy established.
Edward Gibbon dies.
Paine writes The Age of Reason.
“Auld Land Syne” published.
1st telegraph: Paris to Lille.
French colonies abolish slavery.

Paris: bread riots, White Terror.
Napoleon becomes Commander-in-chief, Italy.
Dutch surrender Ceylon to England
Luxembourg surrenders to France
England takes Cape of Good Hope.
Treaty of San Lorenzo (US/Sp).
James Boswell dies.
John Keats born.
Freedom of worship in France.
Haydn composes 12 London Symphonies.
Paris Conservatory of Music.
Bramah invents hydraulic press.
Preserving jar for foods created.
Horse-drawn railroad, England.
France adopts metric system.

Napoleon marries Josephine.
Tennessee gains statehood.
George Washington: Farewell Address.
John Adams defeats Jefferson.
British capture Elba.
Spain declares war on England.
Catherine II of Russia dies.
Robert Burns dies.
Jean Baptiste Camille Corot born
Horace Mann born.
Science of comparative zoology.
C. W. Hufeland: Macrobiotics.
Jenner: smallpox vaccine.
China: 275 million people.
Freedom of press in France.

Napoleon advances to Vienna.
Peace between France and Austria.
Napoleon appointed to invade England.
Talleyrand beecomes France foreign minister.
Nelson defeats Spanish fleet.
John Adams inaugurated.
Samuel Coleridge writes Kubla Khan.
Heinrich Heine born.
Hiroshige born, Japanese artist.
Gaetano Donizetti born.
Franz Schubert born.
John Etherington invents top hat.
Maudslay invents carriage lathe.
Olbers calculates comet orbits.
Vauquelin discovers chromium.
England exports iron, mints copper pennies & 1-pound notes.
John MacArthur introduces Merino sheep to Australia.

France captures Rome, Malta, Naples, Alexandria.
Nelson destroys French fleet.
France invades Ireland.
Senefelder invents lithography.
Eugène Delacroix born, artist.
Casanova dies.
Italians emigrate to Canada.
England: 10% Income tax.

Napoleon advances to Syria, the siege of Acre, defeats Turks.
Austria declares war on France.
George Washington dies.
Honoré de Balzac born, artist.
Aleksandr Pushkin born, poet.
Pope Pius VI dies.
Ferdinand Delacroix born.
Beethoven composes Symphony No. 1.
Haydn composes The Creation.
Rosetta Stone discovered.
Russia-American Company founded for trade in Alaska.