Spanish Revolution.
King George III of England dies, George IV succeeds.
Maine gains statehood.
US Land Law.
Portuguese Revolution.
Keats writes Ode to a Nightingale.
Sir Walter Scott writes Ivanhoe.
Shelley writes Prometheus Unbound.
Jesuits driven out of Rome.
Herbert Spencer born.
William Blake creates Book of Job illustrations.
Venus de Milo discovered.
Forence Nightingale born.
Susan B. Anthony born.
Liberia founded for repatriation of Negroes.

James Monroe: 2nd term.
Greek/Turkey Reign of Terror.
Napoleon dies.
Coronation of George IV.
Missouri gains statehood.
Peru, Guatemala, Panama, and Santo Domingo independence.
Mary Baker Eddy born.
Charles Baudelaire born.
Feodor Dostoevsky born.
Gustave Flaubert born.
John Keats dies.
Thomas de Quincey writes Confessions of an English Opium Eater.
Rosetta Stone deciphered.
Faraday invents electric dynamo.

Greeks proclaim independence.
Turks invade Greece.
Bottle riots in Dublin.
Ulysses S. Grant born.
Iturbide becomes Emperor of Mexico.
Brazil becomes independant.
Pushkin begins Eugene Onegin — finishes in 1832.
César Franck born, composer.
Franz Liszt piano debut, age 11.
Percy Bysshe Shelley dies.
E. T. A. Hoffmann dies.
Royal Academy of Music, London.
Schubert composes Symphony No. 8.
Boston streets lit by gas lights.
Daguerre/Bouton invent diarama.
Lighthouse lenses perfected.
Gregor Mendel born, geneticist.
Louis Pasteur born.

Monroe Doctrine.
Mexico becomes a republic.
Iturbide abdicates.
Confederation of United Provinces of Central America.
Pope Pius VII dies, Pope Leo XII succeeds.
Beethoven composes Missa Solemnis.
S. Erard builds grand piano.
Schubert composes Rosamunde.
Faraday liquefies chlorine.
Macintosh invented as waterproof fabric.
Royal Thames Yacht Club.
Rugby football in England.

Simón Bolivar becomes Emperor of Peru.
First Burmese War.
British take Rangoon.
US/Russia sign frontier treaty.
Egypt captures Crete.
Lord Byron dies.
National Gallery founded, Lond.
Erie Canal finished.
Alexandre Dumas born, author.
Anton Bruckner born, composer.
Théodore Géricault dies.
Beethoven composes Symphony No. 9.
Joseph Aspdin: Portland Cement.
R.S.P.C.A. founded, London.

John Quincy Adams inaugurated.
Bolivia, Paraguay independent.
France: sacrilege a capital offense.
Czar Alexander I dies.
England: 1st railway.
Erie Canal opens.
Diaries of Samuel Pepys
Pushkin: Boris Godunov.
John Nash: Buckingham Palace.
Beethoven’s 9th Symphony first performed.
Antonio Salieri dies.
Johann Strauss born, composer.
Faraday isolates benzene.
Rochester NY: baseball team.
London: horse-drawn buses.
John Franklin explores Arctic.

Burmese War ends.
Thomas Jefferson dies.
Russia declares war on Persia.
Cooper writes Last of the Mohicans.
Gustave Moreau born, artist.
Carl Maria von Weber dies.
Non-Euclidean geometry.
Nobili invents galvanometer.
First railroad tunnel, England.
Sulfur friction match invented.
Mendelssohn composes A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Peru claims independence.
Turks enter Athens.
Treaty of London.
Battle of Navarino.
Russia defeats Persia.
Victor Hugo writes Cromwell.
Audubon: Birds of North America.
Joseph Lister born, surgeon.
Photography on metal plates.
Ohm’s Law formulated.
Ship’s screw propeller invented.
Sand filter for water purification.
Allesandro Volta dies.
Metallic aluminum from clay.
Ludvig von Beethoven dies.
William Blake dies.

Duke of Wellington becomes England's PM.
Russia declares war on Turkey.
Tariff of Abominations.
Uruguay claims independence.
Liberal revolt in Mexico.
Baltimore & Ohio Railroad.
Henrik Ibsen born, playwright.
Francisco Goya dies.
Gilbert Stuart dies.
Franz Schubert dies.
Dumas writes Three Musketeers.
Margaret Oliphant born, author.
Jules Verne born, author.
Webster publishes dictionary.

Andrew Jackson inaugurated.
New London police force.
Russia/Turkey war over.
Mexico abolishes slavery.
Suttee abolished in Brit. India.
Mexican president overthrown.
Venezuela becomes independent.
Daguerre/Niepce partnership.
1st electromagnetic motor.
James Smithson dies, bequeaths £100,000 to found Smithsonian.
Pope Leo XII dies, Pope Pius VIII succeeds.
Mendelssohn revives Bach’s St. Matthew Passion.
Chopin debuts in Vienna.
Rossini composes William Tell Overture.
Wheatstone patents concertina.
1st omnibuses in London.
Genoux invents papier-mâché.
Burt: 1st US typewriter patent.
London Zoo, Regents Park.