French Revolution.
France captures Algeria.
England: Whigs end Tory Rule.
William IV becomes King of Britain.
Louis Philippe, King of France.
Ecuador claims independence.
Chester A. Arthur born.
Serbia becomes autonomous.
Simón Bolivar dies.
Pope Pius VIII dies.
R. Brown discovers plant cell nucleus.
Geological system in 3 groups:
eocene, miocene, and pliocene.
James Perry invents steel slit pen.
Reichenbach discovers paraffin.
Royal Geographic Society.
Sewing machine invented.
Lawn mower invented.
Sarah Josepha Hale writes Mary Had a Little Lamb.
Emily Dickinson born, poet.
Latter-day Saints founded.
Albert Bierstadt born, artist.
Camille Pissarro born, artist.
Albert Waterhouse born, arch.
Hans von Bülow born, pianist.

Russia squashes Polish revolt.
Belgium claims independence.
Syria conquered by Egypt.
Virginia slave revolt.
Pope Gregory XVI appointed.
US copyright law amended.
Europe: great cholera pandemic.
London bridge opens.
1st horse-drawn buses in NY.
James Garfield born.
James Monroe dies.
Voyage of Darwin’s Beagle.
McCormick invents reaper.
Chloroform invented.
Ross finds magnetic North Pole.
Helena Blavatsky born.

W. E. Gladstone enters politics.
Britain occupies Faulklands.
Reichenbach discovers creosote.
Zurich University founded.
Eduoard Manet born, artist.
Louisa May Alcott born, author.
Horatio Alger born, author.
Lewis Carroll born, author.
Eduoard Manet born, artist.
Johann Wolfgang Goethe dies.
Sir Walter Scott dies.
Tennyson writes Lady of Shalott.
Berlioz composes Symphonie Fantastique.
N.E. Anti-Slavery Society

Benjamin Harrison born.
Isabella II: Queen of Spain.
Whig Party in America.
Andrew Jackson inaugurated.
Electromagnetic telegraph.
Davey Crockett: Biography.
Alfred Nobel born.
Johannes Brahms born.
Mendelssohn composes Italian Symphony.
British Factory act: inspections.
England abolishes slavery.

Spanish Inquisition suppressed.
China trade monopoly abolished.
English Parliament fire.
University of Brussels founded.
Jackson censured by Senate.
Abraham Lincoln enters politics.
General Lafayette dies.
Faraday formulates Law of Electrolysis.
Victor Hugo writes The Hunchback of Notre Dame.
James McNeill Whistler born.
Aleksandr Borodin born, comp.
F. A. Bartholdi born, sculptor of Statue of Liberty.
Edgar Dégas born, artist.
Samuel Taylor Coleridge dies.
Charles Lamb dies.

Texas secedes from Mexico.
Halley’s comet.
Samuel Butler born, author.
Samuel Clemens born, author.
Camille Saint-Saëns born, comp.
P.T. Barnum begins career.
Andrew Carnegie born.
Samuel Colt patents rifle/pistol.
Marshall Field born, merchant.

London Parliament 1st built.
Texas wins independence.
Arkansas gains statehood.
James Madison dies.
Aaron Burr dies.
Winslow Homer born.
Davey Crockett killed at Alamo.
Joseph Chamberlain born.
Daniell develops voltaic cell.
Asa Grey writes Elements of Botany.
Dickens writes Pickwick Papers.
W. S. Gilbert born, librettist.
Henri Fantin-Latour born, artist.
Leo Delibes born, composer.
Jay Gould born, financier.
André Marie Ampère dies.
Betsy Ross dies.

King William IV dies.
Queen Victoria crowned.
Martin Van Buren inaugurated.
Grover Cleveland born.
Sitting Bull born, Indian chief.
Aleksandr Pushkin dies.
John Constable dies.
Michigan gains statehood.
Graham Crackers in vogue.
Electric telegraph patented.
Hawthorne writes Twice-told Tales.
University of Athens founded.
1st Canadian railroad.
J. Pierpont Morgan born.
Economic panic in America.

Queen Victoria’s coronation.
Boers defeat Zulus.
1st English-Afghan War.
John Muir born, naturalist.
Ferdinand von Zeppelin born.
Ernst Mach born, physicist.
Georges Bizet born, composer.
Chopín/George Sand liaison.
Talleyrand dies.
Delacroix paints Frédéric Chopin.
Dickens writes Oliver Twist.
London National Gallery opens.

1st Opium War between England & China.
Boers found republic of Natal.
C. Goodyear invents vulcanization.
Schönbein discovers ozone.
Steinheil builds 1st electric clock.
Stephens finds Mayan culture.
Paul Cézanne born, artist.
Alfred Sisley born, artist.
Modest Moussorgsky born.
William Turner paints The Slave Ship.
Poe writes Fall of the House of Usher.
Daguerrotype photography.
Doubleday: 1st baseball game.
K. Macmillan builds 1st bicycle.
George Cadbury born.
John D. Rockefeller born.
Beginning of Cunard Line.